BIRL Laboratory

Bioinformatics Research Laboratory

Jean-Yves Trosset

Head : Dr Jean-Yves Trosset

  • Established : 2011


laboratoire de Biotechnologie Informatique de Sup'Biotech

BIRL is the bioinformatics research lab at Sup’Biotech, created in 2011. As it interfaces with pharmaceutical research, BIRL develops computer chemistry and molecular modeling platforms in silico for research on small molecules of therapeutic interest. The lab is particularly interested in the development of multi-functional analysis techniques of structure-activity relationships of protein families with the goal of creating selective inhibitors for each of the protein families that are therapeutic targets. The transfer of knowledge between anti-cancerous molecules and anti-malarial molecules is an application of these techniques. The development of these platforms in silico aims at promoting synergy between industrial knowhow and the development of technological tools specific to academic research.

The partners of BIRL :

Research Axes :

  • Selective inhibitors for the protein families : The proteomic-chemistry platform is developed for large families of proteins such as kinases and other large therapeutic target families. A large-scale comparison of the binding sites’ structures allows for the selection of zones of the active site that confer the specificity or/and the affinity to medication. A “fragment” approach of known inhibitors allows for the construction of chemical libraries specific to the family within the same organism as in the case for example of cancer or between different organisms to treat infectious diseases. The use of the "drug design" platform for human kinases and that of plasmodium allows for the creation of new anti-malarial molecules from the human kinase inhibitors used against cancer. This platform is used and is developed also for protein families intervening in the regulation of the epigenetic code (bromodomains).
  • Synergy of the biological pathways : Synergy is a general concept that finds innovative applications in biology and in pharmaceutical research. Stimulating the synergy of the metabolic pathways of a cell allows, for example, for the amplification of industrial compound production from micro-organisms or the improved medication efficiency and allows for the fight against resistance mechanisms. The work of synergy in regards to the signaling pathways, in collaboration with the CellTech laboratory, also enables research on small molecules inducing the differentiation or the pluri-potency of stem cells. This research axe is developed in collaboration with Professor Carbonell of the Institute of Systemic and Synthetic Biology (ISSB), Université d'Évry Val-d'Essonne.

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