LB3 Laboratory

Biology, Biochemical and Bioproduction Engineering Lab

Estelle Mogensen

Head : Dr Estelle Mogensen

  • Technician : Baptiste Favard


These labs are responsible for two primary tasks: on one hand, the task is to oversee the practical training of students, and, on the other, to welcome outside specialists and professionals and to make the equipment that is necessary for obtaining their objectives available to them.

Laboratoires de Bioproduction

Pedagogical Activities

The students at Sup’Biotech learn to apply and deepen the knowledge acquired in the classroom in the laboratory. They develop practical knowhow and experience that is essential to the fields of Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Bio-production. In order to ensure the sound practical training of the students with their professionalization in mind (internship and entry into working life), specialized and modern equipment is made available to them in the framework of their Practical Work and their projects.

In the framework of their Practical Work, which requires very specialized material from Organic Chemistry or chromatography, Sup’Biotech partners with l'ETSL (Paris 13e) and the CNAM (Paris 3e).

Here are a few examples of the Practical Work carried out in the labs at Sup'Biotech:

  • Enzymology: study of the kinetics of enzymatic reactions (Michaëlian model).
  • Biochemistry: separation of proteins by the chromatography of exclusion; extraction and purification of proteins.
  • Immunology: detection of an antigen by the ELISA (sandwich) method.
  • Molecular Biology: purification of RAN; PCR by reverse transcription ; cloning in a bacterial expression vector.
  • Biology: hepatotoxicity; cell culture; Optical microscopy; bacterial identification.
  • General chemistry: analysis of water quality; dosage of vitamin B6 by spectrometry; study and diagram potential-pH of the iron-water system.
  • Chemistry of the complexes: studies of the complex copper II; modifications of the oxydo-reducing properties of the complexes; complexometric titration.
  • Bio-Production: alcohol fermentation by brewer’s yeast; production of lactic acid by E.coli.

Supplies/Services for professionals

Our labs offer access to materials required by certain professionals for occasional experiments they may need to carry out. The equipment available is as follows:

  • Molecular Biology / Microbiology: Chain of production of ultra-pure water; thermal cyclers (one with a gradient and one for qPCR); horizontal electrophoresis systems for nucleic acid amplification; imager for the analysis of gels; refridgerated centrifuges; sonicator; microplate reader; optical microscopes; automatic pipeting robot; bacteriological sterilizer (static et agitator); class II laminar flow hoods; autoclaves.
  • Cell Culture:: sClass II laminar flow hoods; CO2 incubator; cryoconserver; inverted microscope; upright fluorescence microscope .
  • Biochemistry: HPLC ; spectrophotometers UV-Vis; sorbonne; pH-meters; potentiometers; chromatography columns; system of vertical electrophoresis for the analysis of proteins (SDS-PAGE and Western blot).
  • Bio-Production: Room equipped with airlock entrance/exit for personnel and material; 2L bioreactors with vats; control towers and software programs for data analysis .

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