The Social Sciences and the Humanities Centre

Oliveira jean phillipe

Head : Dr Jean-Philippe De Oliveira

  • Established : September 2013


The Social Sciences and the Humanities Centre (SSH) of Sup’Biotech’s objective is to carry out research programs on societal questions raised by the development of biotechnologies, by relying essentially on sociology (anthropology, sociology of innovation…), political science and the information and communication sciences. It is about understanding the integration of biotechnologies in society as a social, political and economic subject, related to the central issues of the environment, health, agri-food, cosmetics and contemporary society.

Given the recent creation of this centre, the research in the social sciences and the humanities at Sup’Biotech is in the early stages of development. However, two general issues have been outlined as directions for the research’s development (see "axes of research”) and an active collaboration with the Institut Gustave Roussy has already been undertaken in regards to the adoption of therapeutic innovation in oncology, as well as with the ethics department and the doctoral school of Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine at Paris Sud. Moreover, this year the centre is overseeing the incorporation of aspects of the SSH in student education.

Outside of the methodological aspects regarding document research, problematization, referencing and research methods, the Bachelor cycle has incorporated, in the first two years of training, courses on general notions unique to the SSH in first year (norms, identity, the body, the media) and notions that are more specific to the research axes of the SSH centre in second year (social movements, expertise, politicization of societal questions and innovation). During the Expertise cycle, seminars are held for 4th year students of which the first will take place in April 2014 on questions related to expertise and a study of cases relevant to a particular field.

Research Axes

  • Biotechnologies and the social aspect: from perception to risk management : It is about studying the rallying of citizens that biotechnologies can arouse and the politicization process of environmental and health issues that are linked to the growing expertise surrounding biotechnologies. The research programs of this axe will be interested firstly in the French case before widening the ambitions to compared analysis and to other socio-cultural contexts.
  • Biotechnologies and strategies of innovation: investments and adoption of innovative products : It is about studying the process of adoption of innovations linked to biotechnologies, from an economic perspective but more so from a societal perspective. What are the processes at work that facilitate the adoption of innovative products by users? What forms of media are favorable to the adoption (or, on the contrary, the rejection) of biotechnologies in the social body?

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